Arabic Course Level 1: Foundations of Arabic

Arabic Course Level 1: Foundations of Arabic

Basic and Effective Arabic Skills



An introductory course to build a firm foundation in basic Arabic speaking, reading and writing and comprehension skills.  Light on grammar, heavy on practical usage.


  • Strong fundamental vocabulary
  • Reading and correct pronunciation
  • Forming basic noun-and-verb-based sentences
  • Essential daily conversation
  • Connecting with Qurʾānic Arabic


How the Course will be Taught

  • Introduction of Concept– Illustration of new idea through examples and images
  • Exercises –spoken and written application of concept
  • Relating to the QurʿānFinding and studying the concept in the Qurʿān
  • Practical Application– Applying the concept in practical usage through speaking and writing


 Teaching Resources

  • Madina Arabic Course- Durūs al-Lughat al-ʿArabiyya
  • Qurʿān


Supplementary Material

  • Pictionary- Al-Qāmüs Al-ṣaghīr
  • Handouts, extra notes, weekly assignments
  • Audio/video resources



  • Basic ability to recite the Qurʾān
  • Basic English (to understand lessons)

Class Schedule

This level will be taught over 3 terms.

Term 1: May 13-July 15

Term 2: August 5-October 7

Term 3: October 28-December 16

*Breaks given for weeks of Eid, and possibly other occasions

Class Timings:

Saturday Morning 10AM – 1PM



  • On-site at the Al-Ihsān Institute in Surrey, BC Canada: 105-12877 76 Ave, Surrey BC, V3W 1E6 (For brothers only)
  • Online using an interactive live Webinar: For brothers and sisters
  • Medium of Instruction: English




  • Fees for this course are $60 per month, totaling $420 for each complete level.
  • Students may choose to pay the fees in a lump sum or in monthly payments.

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