Arabic Course Level 2

Arabic Course 2 (Intermediate Level):


This course is for students who are already have some familiarity with the Arabic language. It will cover intermediate grammar and Arabic morphology rules, helping learners further develop Arabic communication and comprehension skills.


  • Developing in the students an ability to understand Quran and Hadith in their original language;
  • Students will strengthen their Arabic Comprehension Skills – reading and listening
  • Further establish the ability to freely express oneself- writing and speaking
  • Learn how to form complex sentences.
  • Accustom oneself to speaking in Arabic whenever possible.


  • Arabic Tutor: A 4 part series, written by Shaykh Abdul Sattar Khan. This is an English translation of an Urdu book, Arabi ka Mu’allim, which is taught to students in Islamic institutes all around the world.
    Based on the level of Arabic of the students enrolled, this course will cover between 1 and 2 books of this series.
    Electronic copies of the course material will be provided.
  • Students will be required to complete weekly assignments, which will be provided by the instructor.


Students will be required to pass an entry level-exam before being admitted into the course.

Class Schedule

The duration of the course is approximately 7 months. Classes will be held once a week for two – three hours. Classes are projected to begin mid-May, 2017. Exact dates and timings will be updated shortly.

Please note that the availability of the Level 2 Intermediate course will be based on the amount of registrations we receive.




  • On-site at the Al-Ihsān Institute in Surrey, BC Canada: 105-12877 76 Ave, Surrey BC, V3W 1E6 (For brothers only)
  • Online using an interactive live Webinar: For brothers and sisters
  • On demand: All registered students will regularly receive class recordings, which can be used to study at their own time and pace.
  • Medium of Instruction: English



  • Fees for this course are $60 per month, totaling $420 for each complete level.
  • Students may choose to pay the fees in a lump sum or in monthly payments.

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