Boys’ Hifz Academy

This programs brings together an exciting combination of Quran memorization, academic studies and intensive Islamic studies.

 This is an ideal choice for boys who wish to memorize the entire Quran with tajweed and gain a thorough Islamic education while also maintaining their academic studies.

Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday 8:30-1:00 . Half the day will be devoted to the Hifz course, and the other half for academics.

Academics: We have partnered up with two distributed learning schools, The TLA, and iLearn DL. These schools offer home schooling programs, which we have modified with our own courses wherever it was possible. Math, Science, and English is taught as is, without any major modifications. Other than these three core subjects, the Ministry of Education has approved our courses, and will award full credits upon completion of each course. Below are some of the modifications we have made to the curriculum.

  • French as a second language has been replaced with Arabic as a second language.
  • Art has been replaced with Arabic Calligraphy
  • Music has been replaced Tajweed (Quran Vocalization)
  • Socials has been replaced with Islamic History.
  • H.C.E (a course used in Christian schools to teach Christian morals and ethics is being used to teach Islamic Education. This covers all the major aspects of fiqh, such as tahara (purity), salat, zakat, sawm, hajj, Islamic beliefs, Hadith, etc..

For the sake of better organization as well as other important reasons, students in grades 5-7 will enroll with the TLA, while students in grades 8-12 will enroll in iLearn DL.

Teachers: – iLearn DL will provide teachers who will teach the core subjects (Math, Science, English, Socials), provided that we have enough students to form a full classroom.

– Other qualified male instructors and scholars who have graduated with degrees in Islamic Education.

– Trained and qualified huffaz to teach the hifz class

Fees: Fees are $300 per month.

Where: Classes will take place at the Al-Ihsan’s Boy’s Facility on 12877 76 Ave Unit 105 – V3W 1E6

Registrations for the 2015-2016 school year are now open. Please fill out the form below to register.


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