Islam Comprehensive






Do any of the following apply to you?


  • I want to learn about my religion in detail, but am working, studying or raising children
  • I want to learn clear facts from Qurʾān and hadith without being confused
  • I want to learn from authentic sources
  • I love my religion, but cannot afford the expensive Islamic courses being offered today
  • I want to be able to give daʿwah, lectures, write about Islam, or teach
  • I am interested in learning Qurʾān, hadith, fiqh, principles of deen
  • I would like the option of studying Islam online live with an actual teacher
  • I would like to have enough knowledge of Islam to base my entire life on Islamic teachings


At Al-Ihsān, we understand that deep knowledge of Islam is essential for every Muslim, yet it is not practical for most Muslims to attend a full-time institute for several years. However, knowing that alternatives and solutions can be achieved, we feel it is possible to educate the masses of Muslims by creating sound, organized systems of teaching by which the average Muslim can learn all the important aspects of this great religion.


‘Islam Comprehensive’ is an intensive part-time course which aims to give the student a deep and broad understanding of Islam. It covers a vast range of subjects and topics, and provides an in-depth study of the following:

  • Tafsīr
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh
  • Creed
  • Islamic Principles

Knowledge of these fundamental branches of knowledge will bring the student into an intimate interaction with the sources of Islamic knowledge. The textbooks and study material are rigorously authentic, comprehensive and engaging. This may be the solution that thousands of Muslims have been waiting for!


The course is for individuals who have a general knowledge of Islam and would like to further their understanding. The student should be prepared to dedicate some of their time to serious study, punctual attendance, revision, homework and the other basic aspects of any system of education.








Students can attend the classes in the following way:

  • Live at the Al-Ihsān Institute in Surrey, BC Canada (For brothers only)
  • Online/Phone Medium of Instruction: English
  • Some urdu course material can be provided upon request


The class schedule is as follows (Pacific Standard Time):

  • Tuesday: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Students who cannot attend the classes in these timings will be provided with recordings of the classes if necessary. The online class will be interactive, and students will be able to see a presentation of course material and visual aids on their computer screen. Those wishing to move away from their computer will be able to do so by shifting to “telephone mode”.




Course Details: The course is divided into two levels, each level taught in three sessions of almost three months each.

Levels 1 and 2 will be taught over a total period of approximately 2 years, including intervals and holidays.

Subjects Taught:


1- Translation and Tafsīr of the Qurʾān

Level 1: Translation, understanding background (sabab al-nuzūl) and message of verses, basic commandments and lessons

Session 1-Sura Baqara

Session 2-Juz 30

Session 3-Sura Yusuf, Kahf

Level 2: In-depth study of Qurʾānic commandments and their implementation today

i. Verses of commandments pertaining to worship, purification, marriage, divorce, business, earning, halāl & harām (Āyāt al-ahkām)

2- Hadith Comprehension

Level 1: i. Textbook 1-Knowledge and System of Beliefs: Existence and Attributes of Allah, Prophethood, Hereafter, Taqdīr, The Qurʾān, Angels, Ṣaḥāba, Iman, Islam, Ihsān/Tazkiya, Hypocrisy, Shirk, Knowledge of the unseen, Sunnah, Innovations, Physical and metaphysical phenomena, Contagious diseases, Evil eye, Ruqya (incantations), Punishment in the grave

Level 2: i. Textbook 2-Akhlāq, Nikāḥ, Ṭalāq, Rights of Husband and Wife, Oaths, Pledges, Waqf Endowments, Sales and Financial Transactions, Agency, Guarantees, Interest, Partnerships, Trusts, Borrowing, Loans, Mortgages, Gifts, Testimony, Slaughtering, Hunting, Etiquettes, Ḥalāl & harām

3- Fiqh Comprehension- Currently offering Ḥanafī and Shāfiʿī fiqh:

Level 1: i. Purification, worships, marriage, business: the ‘how’

Level 2: The legal proofs in Fiqh: the ‘why’

4- Foundations of Islam

Level 1:

i. The Muslim Creed: A study of the famous al-ʿAqīda al-Ṭahāwiyya

ii. The Book of Allah: in-depth study of revelation, its types, history of preservation of the Qurʾān, the Seven Readings, science of tafsīr, authentic tafsīrs

iii. Authority of hadith and sunnah: a look into the status and significance of sunnah, Prophetic authority in law-making and explanation of the Qurʾān, refutation of those who challenge the authority of hadith, history of hadith preservation, science of hadith

Level 2:

i. Differences of the Ummah: a detailed study of the history of ikhtilāf, and reasons behind differences in fiqh rulings

ii. The Madhāhib: Reality of the 4 schools of fiqh, ijtihād, status of a madhhab in Islam

Optional Course-  Arabic Language:

Level 1: i. Basic Arabic Grammar, Building vocabulary, conversation, ii. introduction to Qurʾānic Arabic, exercises, practical application of grammar in the Qurʾān

Level 2: i. Morphology (al-sarf) ii. Syntax (al-nahw) iii. Literature (al-adab) All online students will, upon registering and paying fees, receive the course texts by email.






Level 1

Session 1: April 7 – June 24, 2014

Session 2: August 11 – December 23, 2014

Session 3: January 5 – March 31, 2015

Level 2:

Dates to be announced.



The fees can be paid either by credit card or cheque:

i. Paying the lump sum of $750 at the beginning of the year

ii. Pre-authorized payments of $250 for the 3 semesters of the year

iii. Pre-authorized payments of $75 at the beginning of the first months, $75 at the beginning of the second month, $100 at the beginning of the 3rd month.


On-site classes take place at: 105-12877 75 Ave, Surrey BC, V3W 1E6
Mailing address: 105-12877 75 Ave, Surrey BC, V3W 1E6


Exams will take place prior to the termination of each session, with a final exam at the end of each level.

Revision questions, assignments and homework will be given regularly.

This course is for brothers and sisters. Privacy and respect of every student is ensured and expected.

The goal of Al-Ihsān Educational Foundation: Complete Islamic Education for Everyone

Together, moving to the next level of knowledge

Please note that enrollments are currently closed for the 2016-2017 session. New enrollments will be taken before the 2018-2019 session. Please visit our website regularly and follow us on Facebook (Al Ihsan Institute) to receive regular updates