Short Courses

Al-Ihsan is in the process of creating a series of short online courses, generally ranging from 4 to 12 hours of classtime.

These courses can be taken at your own time, from any location.  Once you register for a course you will recieve all the course material which you may study at your own pace.

The list of planned courses includes:

Islamic Family Life

Part 1: Marriage Life

All the essentials of Marriage in Islam

All the essentials of Marriage in Islam



A detailed course providing the essential know-how of nikah, its significance, responsibilities and challenges.

A must for anyone who is married, or considering marriage.

To be launched soon, so stay tuned!




-Meaning and significance of marriage

  • Benefits of marriage
  • Social harms of improper family structures
  • Legal Status of Marriage, Prerequisites

-“Nuts n’ Bolts of Nikah”

  • Choosing the Right Spouse
  • Proposals and Engagements
  • Basic technical aspects
  • Dowry

-Rights and Responsibilities

  • Rights of husband
  • Rights of wife
  • Do’s and Do Not’s
  • Running a Smooth Marital Life


  • Resolving conflicts
  • Responsibilities and Limits of Spouses
  • Responsibilities of  Guardians, Elders, Community Members


  • Avoiding Break-ups
  • When Parting Ways Becomes a Necessity
  • The Correct Procedure of Terminating a Nikah
    • Understanding Talaq and Khula


Islamic Family Life

Part 2: Children and Parents

Becoming Ideal Parents and Children...

Becoming Ideal Parents and Children…



Learn the responsibilities attached with being (and having!)  parents.

Coming soon!






-The Bounty of Children

  • Benefits and Joys of Children
  • Preparing for Parenthood

-After Birth

  • Names, aqeqa
  • Correct upbringing and training
  • The Rights of Children

-The Status of Parents

  • Duties of Children Toward Their Parents
  • Rights and Privelages of Parents
  • Caring For Them Till the End


Money Matters

Part 1: Islamic Business Ethics

Earning the wealth of this world..and the next!

Earning the wealth of this world..and the next!










  • Is Wealth Good or Bad?

  • Islamic Approach to Business

  • Foundations of Halal Business

  • Types of transactions

  • The Fiqh of Halal Business

  • Partnerships

    • Types of Partnerships

    • Guidelines for Creating and Dissoloving Partnerships

Money Matters

Part 2: Understanding Interest

Avoiding Interest at all Costs

Avoiding Interest at all Costs










  • What Quran and Hadith Say About Interest

  • Historical Perspectives

  • The Harms of Interest

  • Modern Applications

  • Commercial Interest

Money Matters

Part 3: Islamic Finance

The Essentials of Islamic Finance

The Essentials of Islamic Finance








  • Foundations of Islamic Finance

  • Modes of Islamic Finance

    • Mudaraba

    • Murabaha

    • Musharaka

    • Istisna