Al-Ihsan Women’s Academy

The Al-Ihsan Women’s Academy aims at providing high quality education and resources to girls and women of all ages.

September 2015: Full Time Academics

Al Ihsan is launching a full time academics program for sisters in grades 8-12.

More information coming soon.

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September 2014: Full Time Women's Academy with Aalima Course

Al Ihsan Educational Foundation is pleased to announce a new and exciting set of educational programs exclusively for sisters, starting September 2014.

Program 1: Full-time Aalima Course with Academics

School going girls in grades 5-12 can study the entire Aalima course while continuing their academic school studies. This is a full time program empowering young women to become full fledged scholars of Islam and complete their high school diplomas simultaneously.

Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Half the day will be devoted to the Aalima course, and the other half for academics.

Academics: We have partnered up with two distributed learning schools, The TLA, and iLearn DL. These schools offer home schooling programs, which we have modified with our own courses wherever it was possible. Math, Science, and English is taught as is, without any major modifications. Other than these three core subjects, the Ministry of Education has approved our course, and will award full credits upon completion of these courses. Below are some of the modifications we have made to the curriculum.

  • French as a second language has been replaced with Arabic as a second language.
  • Art has been replaced with Arabic Calligraphy
  • Music has been replaced Tajweed (Quran Vocalization)
  • Socials has been replaced with Islamic History.
  • H.C.E (a course used in Christian schools to teach Christian morals and ethics is being used to teach Islamic Education. This covers all the major aspects of fiqh, such as tahaha (purity), salat, zakat, sawm, hajj, Islamic beliefs, Hadith, etc..

For the sake of better organization as well as other important reasons, students in grades 5-7 will enroll with the TLA, while students in grades 8-12 will enroll in iLearn DL.

Teachers: – iLearn DL will provide teachers who will teach the core subjects (Math, Science, English), provided that we have enough students to form a full classroom.

– Other female instructors who have graduated with degrees in Education.

– Most of the Aalima course will be taught by male scholars, either from a remote location, or onsite from behind a curtain.

Fees: Fees for the Aalima course with Academics are $300 per month.

Where: Classe will take place at the Al-Ihsan facility on 7750 128 Street Unit 101B- Surrey BC V3W 0R6

Program 2: Aalima Course Without Academics

This program is for women wanting to focus on advanced Islamic studies graduating with an Aalima degree.

Both Programs commence September 2014!

Schedule: Exact timings will be decided based on what types of students register. Classes will be Monday to Friday in the mornings for about 3-4 hours.

Syllabus: The course will last 3-5 years, based on the types of students which register. The first year or so will consist of a thorough study of the Arabic Language, after which the students will gradually being studying advanced fiqh, tafsir, aqeeda, hadith, etc…

Teachers:  Most of the Aalima course will be taught by male scholars, either from a remote location, or onsite from behind a curtain.

Fees: $150 per month

Prerequisites: Sisters wishing to enroll in this program must know how to read the Quran fluently while looking inside the Quran.

Where: Classe will take place at the Al-Ihsan facility on 7750 128 Street Unit 101B- Surrey BC V3W 0R6

An orientation was conducted on June 22 2014, explaining the complete setup and more information. Click here to listen.

Registrations are now open!!! Click here to register


Spring 2013-New Women's Courses!

We are about to launch a series of women’s courses in BC and Alberta!  The courses offered will be of 2 levels, Basic and Intermediate, and will be taught by certified female instructors.

The Basic Level will cater to New Muslimahs and sisters who want to learn the basics of Islam very well.


-Fundamental Beliefs (Aqeeda)

-Fiqh of Purification and Worship

-Basic Tajweed

-Translation and Explanation of Last 10 surahs


-Quran Translation: Juz 30

-Selections from hadith


-Further tajweed


September 2011

The two-year Islam Comprehensive Course was initiated for women exclusively. Owing to the background of the students, the course was taught in both English and Urdu. This batch will be graduating in March 2013. See “Islam Comprehensive” for details of this intensive course.


An intensive Arabic course for sisters was initiated, lasting for two years. This course covered the various branches of Arabic language studies, including: Sarf Nahw Composition Reading Translation